Call (632) 6874445, 6874645, 6873416 or (0917)5721713
  October 6-7, 2016 | Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City, Philippines 
  October 6-7, 2016 | Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City, Philippines 
Call (632) 6874445, 6874645, 6873416 or (0917)5721713
Call (632) 6874445, 6874645, 6873416 or (0917)5721713
  October 6-7, 2016 | Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City, Philippines 
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October 6 - 7, 2016

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How To Sell Without Being Sleazy At Events

by Mark So

As a producer of conferences and events since 2003, we’ve learned that there are 3 things you have to do in order to have a higher conversion rate for your product / solution at major events

  • Sponsor events that have a very specific theme.

Specific events gives you better quality leads compared to generally themed events that have so many things going on with attendees that are not necessarily focused on you or what you are selling.  For example, events that combine general HR topics, a career fair with a technology expo will generate a lot of people looking for jobs but will probably not be interested in you or what you are selling, (unless you are offering jobs of course). So if you are selling HR Information Systems or payroll software, be specific with your sponsorship selection, sponsor an event that focuses and attracts potential buyers of HR Information Systems or payroll software. Because again, if you go to a “generally” themed event, inviting a hodgepodge of participants (including job seekers) you are simply selling to the wrong crowd.

  • Consider your sales cycle and sales exposure.

Remember, an event is one major activity of a whole sales and marketing campaign, so look at how the event is geared towards helping you find buyers for your Product / solution. The sales cycle for selling HR technology to organizations takes a long time so do not expect to sell your solution right on the spot as that will simply disappoint you.  Most events give you a booth that allows you to share your wares in just 2 days, nothing more.  Instead of settling for this, join events that will give you real-time leads on top of the booth space, even a week, month or year after the event.  Now that would be a better use of your money @ HR Technology Fair, we will do just that, give you leads during the event and well after the event. And we can do that because we have an ongoing support program through HR Club Philippines where we help our members with their most pressing concerns every day who need your products / solutions which we can pass off to you if you have the right fit for their needs.

  • Aim to get a speaking slot.

A captured audience is the best.  However, contrary to popular belief, being a speaker in an event does not mean you should be a “hard seller”. The big tendency is for you to sell, sell, sell on or off stage and to be honest with you, the moment you start doing that, you start losing the interest of the buyers. Remember people hate being sold to, but people love to buy stuff. But before they do, especially for HR tech, they need valuable information that with a little coaching from us, you can provide and get the audience engaged with your content. Imagine a huge audience glued to every word you say. Awesome! So the last thing you should do as a speaker is to appear like a salesman. Instead be a teacher. what you should do is to sincerely teach people, give practical and relevant information which gives them value for their time. That is how you can get people to listen to you.

Incidentally, if you become either our Gold or Platinum or Co-Presentor for the HR Tech fair, a very specific event attracting very interested buyers of HR Technology, we will give you leads during and after the event using the latest digital marketing and lead generation strategies that really work and I personally will be holding an extremely exclusive training workshop for you to teach, deliver awe inspiring content that gives value.

Remember, the HR Technology Fair is a specifically themed event that attracts HR professionals, business managers, business owners, finance officers, trainers, consultants and decision makers who are interested in getting more information and buying HR Technology. We are expecting about 500 Walk-through Exhibit Visitors, while a 200-seat capacity will be set up for the Learning Hall Sessions.

It is a prime venue for you to showcase your products and services to a highly targeted market. Join us now and increase your conversion rate when selling in events!


Mark So is the former regional Technical Marketing Manager of Lucent Technologies Asia Pacific, he is the co-founder, CEO and Digital Marketing Director of Businessmaker Academy. He is also the co-founder of HR Club Philippines, a support group for all of Businessmaker Academy’s HR training and certification programs on Human Resources.

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